Thursday, October 1, 2020

Don't Be Scared To Buy a Boat Sale


Our annual Don't Be Scared to Buy a Boat Sale is finally here at Hamlin's MarineJust like everything else this godforsaken year...things are a little different in the world of boating.
 First off, there simply aren't enough boats, motors, and trailers to meet the demand across the country.  Urban flight has taken hold and millions of people are choosing free time in the great outdoors over grueling commutes and over-priced lattes. 

There has never been a better time to buy a boat in the fall than right now, and we are offering great incentives to buy now:



Don't Be Scared to Buy a Boat now if you plan on being on the water in Maine next year.  Hamlin's has inventory now, as well as some excellent new options like Weldcraft hardcore aluminum fishing boats.



Or, check out Hurricane deck boats for family-friendly fun.


Want a deal? Check out these budget-friendly holdover hitlist packages:

New 2017 Alumacraft T-Pro 195 with Yamaha VMax 175 loaded with high-end electronics package.  Was $50,944 Now $36,500! 


New 2020 Stingray 225 SE with 6.2 L Mercruiser Was $61,240 Now $55,979!


New 2020 Scout 215 Dorado with Yamaha F150 Was $65,062 Now $62,995! 

New 2020 Leader 9.0 Walk Around with Twin Yamaha F250s Was $168,020 Now $154,975! 

New 2020 Mastercraft X22 Surf Boat Was $176,272 Now $154,968! 


New 2019 Chris Craft 28 GT Launch with Yamaha F425 Was $278,446 Now $195,495 !





Monday, August 10, 2020

Hamlin's Marine is Coming To Belfast!

 Belfast, Maine has long held a special place in my heart.  It was where I first fell in love with the ocean.  A special place where Main Street ends at the city boat launch.  

This is a city where boating of all forms collide...lobster boats, sail boats, tug boats, old money yachts, and recreational power boats.

Our first trip with the PenBay Explorers Cruising Club based in Hampden was destined for Belfast.  A decade ago, novice boaters ventured down the river from our marina in Hampden and had a luncheon on the back deck of Rollie's.  Our club ventured to the legendary and defunct Marshall Wharf to gorge on oysters and the finest brews.  

It's hard to imagine that Belfast was once known for it's dirty industry, chicken processing, and gritty living.  

Now Belfast is thriving with retail shops, festivals (pre-Covid), fine restaurants, and a beautiful harbor walk winding through a patchwork of shipyards, downtown, and open green space.

The green grass meets the ocean at the entrance of the harbor where Belfast Marina is expanding to meet the needs of increasing boat traffic.  

I'm excited to announce that Hamlin's Marine is now part of this bustling waterfront at 7 Front Street.  We have a small display of boats on the waterfront and are working hard to prepare to move into a showroom that will soon be filled with new boats from Scout, Jeanneau, Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser, Weldcraft, and many other lines all powered by Yamaha.  

I was down at the facility this morning while the painters were finishing up the interior.  It won't be long until we can open the doors and be part of a new boating community.  I can't wait!

Saturday, July 11, 2020

July is Chris-Craft Month at Hamlin's Marina

brand logo

Hamlin's Marina is hosting not one, but two opportunities to test drive a Chris-Craft in the month of July.  In order to attend these sponsored events, you must pre-register.

Check out this video to understand why Chris-Craft has been America's boat builder since 1874...

Chris Craft Fleet, Boat
Chris Craft Fleet, Boat
Our first event will be hosted at Hamlin's Marina in Hampden.  Orono Brewing Company & McLaughlin's at the Marina will be sponsoring our weekly Hamlin's Happy Hour from 4 PM to 6 PM on Wednesday, July 22nd.  Click Here to register for the Chris-Craft Happy Hour.

The second event will be at The Village Inn & Tavern in Belgrade, Maine.  Sponsored by The Belgrade Lakes Association and the Village Inn & Tavern, this event will feature an elegant luncheon on the lawn on the shores of Great Pond.  Following lunch, registered guests will have the opportunity to pilot the world's most beautiful boats.  Click Here to register for the Great Pond Luncheon and Chris-Craft test drive event on Friday July, 24th from Noon until 4 P.M.!

Hamlin's Marina will be showcasing four in-stock models at these events including both the 28 Launch GT & 25 Launch GT, the 26 Calypso, and the classic 27 Launch.

Last year, we featured the 28 Launch GT on Sebago Lake at Sportsman's Kitchen and Keg.  Check out the footage...

Our 25 Launch GT is stunning in Port Red with a custom painted Yamaha F300.

2020 Chris-Craft 25 GT Launch - Outboard - Port Red/Metallic Black
2020 25 Launch GT at the Boston Boat Show

Our 26 Calypso is a twin engine family day boat with a hard top and fishing features.

Finally, our 27 Launch resonates with timeless low slung lines and a powerful Mercruiser sterndrive.

Hamlin's Marina can't wait to see you at one of our events in July.  Make family history this month with a new Chris-Craft!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

I'm Too Sexy For My Boat Happy Hour

I'm Too Sexy R.S.F. Right Said Fred Sheet Music: R.S.F. Right Said ...
My Favorite One Hit Wonder..."I'm Too Sexy"

If "Right Said Fred" was ever in the market for a boat, you have to believe he would own a Scout.  He's the only one in the world that would actually be too sexy for a Scout.

This Wednesday from 4-6 we will have three Scouts in the water to sea-trial at our marina in Hampden.  Please Click Here to register for your free tickets to this event.  McLaughlin's at the Marina is sponsoring the event as always with refreshments.

Boat #1 is the Scout 195 Sport Fish featured in Midnight Blue with the Bimini top option powered by a Yamaha F115.   

2020 Scout 195 SF - Midnight Blue
Scout 195 Sport Fish

The Scout 195 SF is the perfect freshwater/saltwater trailer boat for families that want it all!  Tube, ski, fish...and look sexy doing it!

Boat #2 is the new for 2020 Scout 215 Dorado with frame-less glass windshield.  This boat actually might even be too sexy for Right Said Fred.  It's powered by a Yamaha F150.

2020 Scout 215 Dorado - White
Scout 215 Dorado

Finally, Boat #3 is the Murdered Out Black 255 LXF.  It's a big bad center console for coastal exploring and fishing backed up with a 300 horse power monster Yamaha.

2020 Scout 255 LXF - Black
Scout 255 Dorado
Can't wait to see all of you tomorrow at Happy Hour.  I will leave you with this to get you all fired up...

Monday, June 29, 2020

Jeanneau Powerboats Featured for This Week's Hamlin's Happy Hour

Captain Ella at the Helm of a Jeanneau NC895
Hamlin's Marine is introducing Jeanneau powerboats to Maine.   The NC and Leader series from Jeanneau are the perfect full-featured pocket yacht cruisers for Maine.  The NC models offer full pilot house enclosures for maximum protection from the elements, while the Leader series have a more open design for sun-lovers and serious fishing.

On Wednesday at our weekly Hamlin's Happy Hours Sponsored by McLaughlin's at the Marina, we will be demonstrating three models from Jeanneau...the NC695, the Leader 7.5 Center Console, and the Leader 9.0.

You can register to test drive a Jeanneau this Wednesday from 4-6 at Hamlin's Marina on the Penobscot River.  Just visit our Registration Page to sign up.

Here are some recent pictures of our adventures on Jeanneau power boats in Maine...

Mark Hansen at the Wheel of an NC795

My Family Enjoying the Cockpit of an NC895

Josh Cottrell Checking out the NC Series

Too Cool For School

Earlier this season, we took a Jeanneau out in a snow storm.  It gets kind of boring in the winter months in Maine...especially when the ski resorts are closed.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Hamlin's Happy Hours Sponsored By McLaughlin's at the Marina

Image may contain: house, sky and outdoor
McLaughlin's at the Marina

What's Hamlin's Happy Hour? A chance for on-the-fence buyers to experience the boat of their dreams before they fully commit.

Our seasoned sales staff will be available to go over the benefits and features of our various brands and take you out on the Penobscot River to showcase our brands with you.

Image may contain: sky, outdoor, water and nature
Hamlin's Marina

4:00 - 6:00 PM

6/24 | Scarab
7/1 | Jeanneau
7/8 | Scout

Events are free to attend but registration is required at our Eventbrite page listed below!

This Wednesday the 24th our first Hamlin's Happy Hour will feature Scarab Jet Boats. Come down and join us for some high-powered fun and talk boats! Here is a video preview of the Hamlin's crew on Great Pond last year ripping around on Scarabs!

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Puffin Boat Company is The Little Engine That Could

An image of me sitting on my mother's lap is ingrained in my memory.  The book was The Little Engine That Could.  You might be reluctant to listen to a children's story for 8 minutes, but the book is eerily similar to our world today.

In the story, a train loaded with stuffed animals and food for children can't make it over a mountain.  The stuffed animals approach passing engines to ask for assistance to get the train over the mountain so the goods can be distributed to little boys and girls.

That mountain is the Corona virus of today.

Many of the engines that pass refuse to help stating they are too important, too powerful, or too essential to stop and help a train with kid's toys and food.  In short, most of the engines are just plain jerks.

I've always thought about our Puffin Boat Company as The Little Engine That Could.  Since 2013, we've been building Puffin Dinghies.

Puffin Boat Company builds dinghies, but we also have acted as a supplier to some very well-known companies including Vineyard Vines, Old Town Canoe, Hinckley Yachts, Back Cove Yachts, Hunt Yachts, Sea Bags, Bennington, and most recently TJ Maxx.

Last fall we received a call from a woman in Portugal claiming that she was a buyer for Homegoods, and TJ Maxx was interested in purchasing a large quantity of our Puffin Dinghies.  We were in disbelief and skeptical, but it turned out to be true.  In fact, they requested 800 units!  Our annual production of Puffin Dinghies is currently less than 100 units, so you can imagine the emotional weight felt as we discussed our capacity.  Here we are, a tiny 8 person operation just trying to hit our deadlines for our other supply partners.  So, we said no.

But TJ Maxx called back and asked us how many dinghies we could supply in 60 days.  After much reflection, we responded with 80 units.  

Boom...we have a purchase order for nearly 80 units; we did our Puffin Happy Dance (a pretty awkward affair).  As customary, we requested a 50% deposit.  Homegoods was not down with that.  The best they could do was Net 15 after delivery...meaning Puffin had to front labor and material costs during production and wait a full 15 days to be paid after delivery. Fronting cash in January for Puffin Boat Company is not an easy thing to do.  But we dug the change from under our couch cushions and behind the dryer, and we agreed to their terms.  

Puffin Boat Company got to work and a team from TJ Maxx came in to monitor our progress and check the quality of our packaging.

Puffin Boat Company was responsible for packaging the fiberglass dinghies for transport to warehouses all over the country.  That was a challenge in itself:

Katie and Teresa with 860 Seafoam Puffin & Packaging Sample

Teresa Making Final Inspection of First Shipment

First Truckload Being Loaded
"I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can..." kept running through my head as the first half of the shipment headed for the TJ Maxx distribution centers across the country.  Then, we counted the days until we would receive the desperately needed Electronic Funds Transfer from TJ Maxx.

15 days went by and no payment.   Hmmm...must be an internal issue.  A few days went by, and then I heard that Homegoods was shuttering TJ Maxx due to the Covid-19 outbreak.  Bad news.

Teresa contacted the buyer from Homegoods, and we were told that all payments would be delayed another 90 days, and by the way...TJ Maxx was cancelling the second half of the order.  There were some tears shed.  That was followed by anger.  I called my attorney.  He told me courts were closing, and we could get in line to pursue action.

The irony of the whole ordeal is that all of us thought Puffin Boat Company would let TJ Maxx down.  We didn't think we were good enough to make the deadlines, or that we were smart enough to figure out how to package the dinghies without causing damage.  Many people even asked us why TJ Maxx would even be interested in our little Puffins.

But here we are, like The Little Engine that Could supplying Bennington, Hinckley, Back Cove Yachts, and Hunt with essential parts and pieces, while the big fancy engine can't even pay their bills.

Due to the cancellation, we have a clearance sale on Seafoam Green and Pink 860 and 760 Puffin Dinghies.   You can purchase direct from Puffin Boat Company, and shipping is free to the Continental U.S.  Overstock Puffin 860 in Seafoam Green