Thursday, November 18, 2010

Leather Boating Wear?

Boaters are a rowdy bunch. I know because I get to talk to boaters
all year round. Boaters tell outlandish stories about parties,
gigantic fish, and crazy vacations. One of my customers came
by early in February to pick up gear because he was hauling his
new Polarkraft down to Key West just to go fishing. Most people
might not find that practical, but I think it is pretty cool. A lot
of boaters come into our stores just to hang out, tell jokes, and
harass the staff. In fact, I don.t know if I have ever met a boater
that didn.t like to have a good time.

Growing up, I went to grammar school at St. Joseph.s Catholic
School in Connecticut. I think my parents sent me to this particular
school because they thought it might teach me some discipline.
I was a very loud child known to race go-carts down
busy streets, throw spitballs, and rip the crotch out of my pants
sliding across the grass; I believe that the misadventures of my
youth helped form me into the boater I am today. However, the
nuns at my school evidently didn.t care about my boating future.
In fact they wanted me to be quiet and modest, but most of all
they wanted me to stop ripping my pants. After many lectures
and a few detentions, I realized the nuns weren.t going to let me
have my way. There were a lot of kids like me at that school,
and I bet a lot of them grew up to be boaters. We all liked to
have a great time, but it just seemed as though the nuns didn.t
want us to have fun. Many of us came to believe that fun was
actually bad.

Maybe some boaters feel guilty about how much fun they have.
It might be left over from some non-boating disciplinarian they
knew as a child. Maybe certain people actually believe that fun
is bad.

Well, if fun is bad, then all of us that are avid boaters could be
considered rebellious. And who was the world.s most beloved
rebel? James Dean of course! Do you think James Dean was a
boater? I bet he was! Only I don.t think leather really works on
the water. Certainly wouldn.t have helped his tan any, and it
would be restrictive if he was wakeboarding. Although leather is
probably alright for fishing...I imagine it would be tough to hook

I think this line of thought might be considered a tangent. Anyway,
I think we can conclude that fun might be bad, but boaters
don.t care because they are rebels. I think we have determined
that it is questionable as to whether leather is appropriate boating

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