Monday, November 22, 2010

PenBay Explorers Cruising Club

I’ve worked at Hamlin’s for nearly seven years now.  Before that, my professional life was a mosaic of cubicles, cold calls, sales quotas, and traffic jams.  I wore a suit, and I hounded people until they bought something from me.  My customers were nice enough, but I don’t think they really liked me.  That’s probably because I was selling phone service. 

Now I sell boats...but I don’t just sell boats.  I get to meet some really cool and colorful people from all walks of life.  I’ve made quite a few friends, and I don’t even care if they even have a phone.
I’ve noticed a strange phenomenon when it comes to selling boats.  It goes something like this:

1. Customer buys boat. 
2. Customer takes boat to his favorite spot. 
3. Customer’s friends and family pat the boat owner on the back and thank him/her for the good times.

Look...I’m all about sharing, but there’s got to be more to boating than playing party host.  Boat owners are the facilitator of all the fun, and they tend to be masters of their domain.  Boat-owners are calm, cool, and collected, and most of the time they are responsible and well-prepared.

So, I thought it was about time to get the boat owners together for some real fun and adventure.  I realized that  our marina is perfectly suited to be a gathering spot for these extraordinary people. 

I was right!  Two years ago, in the middle of January, we had a meeting for interested boat owners...I thought maybe we’d see a couple of folks trudge through the snow to pay us a visit.  But, no...about a dozen boaters showed up in the middle of winter! 

So we decided to form a club called the PenBay Explorers for boat owners interested in taking day trips together in Penobscot Bay. 

The club’s goal is to explore all the amazing harbors, islands, and towns in and around the Bay.  PenBay Explorers is suited for power boat owners from 20-30 ft.  

We'll be getting everyone together again at some cozy pub over the winter to make plans for next season.  We are alway looking for new boating companions to join us.  Please check our website for updates on the group.  

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