Friday, November 26, 2010

Step up to a Big Boat!

It was November 27th, 1992.  In an act of faith, my dad tossed me the keys to his Chrysler Lebaron Convertible.  I pulled out of our driveway with a sense of guilty pleasure, knowing I was  licensed by the state of Maine to drive a car.  The temperature was in the thirties, but I dropped the top and cranked the heat.  There I was at the controls of the hottest car that ever was...or so I thought.  I spent most of the day driving around with no place to go,  showing off to my friends, and seeing how different the world felt as the “King of the Road”.  I find it interesting how something as mundane as driving was once sinfully exciting. 

My first experience with Rinker boats made me feel sixteen again.  My wife, Katie, and I boarded a 32’ Rinker Express Cruiser with twin 5.0L V8 sterndrives.  As I advanced the throttles, I felt a burst of adrenaline.  Then as I looked around me, I saw an unfamiliar exciting new realm of endless possibilities.  Maybe you’ve thought about buying a vacation home, a pool, luxury furniture, a flat panel T.V., or even a stainless steel blender.   You may want to consolidate your wish list and check out the Rinker line of Express Cruisers that Hamlin’s offers for sale.  

To give you an idea of what to expect from Rinker, I'll tell you a little about what you'll find on a 32' Rinker that spends the summers at Hamlin's Marina.  In the cockpit, you'll find a huge helm with easy to read gauges and a large Raymarine information center with radar, chart plotter, and GPS.  The cockpit features wraparound seating galore, a refrigerator, and even a flip-up blender!  But step below deck, and you'll struggle not to gasp.  You may even forget you are on a boat!  The cabin features teak floors, corian countertops, stainless fixtures, and supple furnishings.  There is a stove, lounge area, flat-panel TV, and a large bathroom with shower.  Simple climate controls adjust heat and air conditioning.

I know what you must be thinking...

1.  Hmmm...must be really expensive.


2.  Seems like a lot of boat to handle.

Well, Rinker Express Cruisers are a bit more expensive than a typical 18' runabout or the average pontoon boat, but they aren't nearly as much as most vacation homes (you don't have to pay property tax either!).

And yes, except for the 26' model, Rinker Express Cruisers are too wide to trailer.  But who wants to haul a boat around when it can be at home at one of our slips at the marina!  Docking and maneuvering takes a little bit of practice, but I can guarantee it is no more difficult than trying to parallel park your dad's car for the first time!

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  1. Dan,
    You have made me feel insignificant with my little 280 Rinker you sold me.
    Thanks alot,