Friday, December 3, 2010

Boating Memories, 2008...

Fourth of July weekend certainly gave us a reason to go out and celebrate, as the Belgrade Lakes Association turned 100 years old.  There was an antique boat parade at Great Pond, and Hamlin’s Marine was invited to participate with the 20’ Sweetwater Tuscany we donated for the fundraiser.  Great Pond was teeming with boaters, and the weather was incredible. 

The weather wasn’t so incredible for the First Annual Penobscot River Rally at the beginning of August.  The winds were gusting to about 25 knots, and if you weren’t in a 30 footer, it was a bit uncomfortable.  About fifty brave souls attended the rally and reception at the Sea Dog on the Bangor waterfront.  More fun was to be had on land than in the water with Reggae music, appetizers, and frosty beverages. 

Tops on the water this year was my time spent with Keith Hall, of Maine Coast Guide Service.  He picked us up in Diamond Cove in Casco Bay for a day of near shore saltwater fishing.  We had two boats in the water...a 20’ aluminum guide boat and a 22’ Eastern Lobster cabin boat.  In the morning we pushed through the fog to the breakers just south of Portland Head Light.  We had our sights on stripers, but as luck would have it we happened upon droves of blues.  As you may or may not know, blues have wicked sharp

teeth and getting them in the boat is similar to competing in an Ultimate Fighting Competition.  Our crew managed to boat about a dozen of the bad boys, and we brought them back to Diamond Island for a huge fish feed. 

One of my customers was excited to show me how his 2008 Stingray 205LX handles the water.  He picked me up after work the other day, and we shot down the Penobscot River with near perfect conditions.  It was flat calm and the big V8 in that Stingray pushed the boat about 60 MPH down the river.  I couldn’t believe it...I thought we were doing forty, but that throttle definitely threw you back in the seat.  We buzzed around Verona Island and back up river, and it served to remind me why we’ve sold Stingrays for nearly two decades.  Stingrays run smooth, fast, and efficient...not another boat on the market that will satisfy the need for performance while keeping you out of the poor house. 

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