Friday, February 25, 2011

Does this boat belong in the Smithsonian, or on your dock?

Mastercraft.  What does it mean?  The brochure may have you believe that it is a line of boats straddling the line between luxury and performance.  To us at Hamlin's on the northern fringe of the developed world, we view the Mastercrafts as art on the water.  Mastercraft simply offers the best design and features available on the market today.  We ordered three masterpieces for X2, an X15, and the new 214V.  The X2 has already found a home for next season.

The 214V is of particular interest to us this season as it is a completely new design, seemingly cut from a piece of granite rather than fiberglass.

Somehow, someway Mastercraft manifested a seamless combination of form and function.  Comfortable seating and practical storage combines with exilirating performance.  The 214V is an engineering marvel powered by an Indmar LY 6 delivering over 400 HP to just over 21' of boat.

The 214 is a V-Drive (managing to push the motor to the back of the boat without comprimising soft and flat wakes for slalom skiing).  If you are skiing, you better trust your driver not to pull your arms out of their sockets.

A functional and beautiful new windshield design allows clear and unobstructed viewing of a skier on a boom.

Now if you are the chosen one to pilot this beautiful craft, visiting hours are available in our Waterville showroom with an appointment.  The only thing that will make me happy when this one leaves the showroom is the thought that I might be able to order another one!


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