Friday, March 4, 2011

Big Things Afoot At Hamlin's Marina

Almost five years ago my family opened up shop on the Hampden waterfront as Hamlin's Marina.  In that time we've managed to grow into a thriving marina.  It's truly a wonderful place with colorful people, spectacular scenery, an quite a bit of excitement on any given day.

Hamlins Marina in Hampden

In the five years since we've opened, we've seen the place grow from a sleepy backwater to a thriving waterfront.  Many days the parking lot is full of trailers and the river is alive with cruisers hanging out on the docks, or headed off to far off places like Butter Island, Portland, or even Cape Cod. 

We've managed to grow the staff little by little and we've invested in the facility to accomodate the service needs of the boaters who call us home.

This year is a banner year for Hamlin's Marina and the Hampden waterfront.  Both Hamlin's facilities and the public facilities will grow dramatically.  First, Hamlin's bought the retail lumber buildings from Stern's Lumber on Route 1A just above the waterfront. 

New Hamlin's Sales Showroom Prior to Renovation
 This new showroom, when completed in April, will showcase new boats, marine engines, and accessories.  Hamlin's showroom will feature approximately 10,000 square feet of retail space allowing us to display forty new boats inside.  I believe this will be the largest facility dedicated to boat sales in New England!

Just as exciting is that we have finalized plans to swap ten acres of land adjoining the ramp at the marina to be developed into a public park with walking trails, a new parking lot, scenic vistas, and municipal dock and mooring facilities.  This has been in the works for over four years and work should begin within the next year.  Below is a conceptual drawing of the future waterfront with the new park:

Future Plans for the Hampden Waterfront

Finally, this is my favorite part!  I love food, and we are going to have a brand new restaurant opening on the waterfront where Dana's snackbar has operated for many years.  This new restaurant will be featuring a full lunch and dinner menu with waterfront patio seating.  The menu will include a selection of beers and wines.  More information on this piece will be available soon!

Come join us on the Hampden waterfront at Hamlin's Marina this year!  It is truly a year to remember.

Maine Marina in Hampden, Maine at Hamlin's Marine

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  1. Yeah Dan!

    What a year you are having and I look forward to seeing all the new buildings and the restaurant up and running! All of the people at Hamlin's
    are visionaries and your enthusiasm and forward-thinking is a gift to the entire area. Good job and congratulations!