Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boat Shows Begin This Weekend...What's All The Ruckus?

I would wager a bet that most folks in Maine do not consider March their favorite month of the year.  December is wonderful because of the holidays and family.  January and February are cold and snowy, but Mainers are somehow fascinated by sub-zero temperatures and drifting snow.  Plus it gives us a chance to fire up the woodstove.  March, however, is the final stretch for Old Man Winter in Maine.  We are still getting belted by snow, our skin has turned to a pasty white, and we are tired of taking our boots off in the mud room.  Cabin fever has set in.  What better way to scoff Mother Nature than to attend a show and buy a new boat?

It’s a popular phenomenon.  Believe it or not, Hamlin’s Marine sells almost a third of our boats for the year during the month of March.  Cabin Fever may be one of the reasons people attend March boat shows to buy, but there are other reasons that make boat shows an excellent opportunity to purchase a new or used boat. 

Consumers always have an advantage at a boat show.  A boat show allows you to compare and contrast dozens of different boat models and dealers.  At a boat show, you can learn more about features, quality, and value than a years worth of research.  Since dealers are sharing space with competitors, you can be assured of getting the most for your money. 

The boat shows are also an excellent time to take advantage of discount pricing on 2010 models still in stock; previous year models are known as hold-overs.  Hold-over models are deeply discounted to make room for new inventory.  Better yet, most boat show incentives also apply to hold-over inventory.  Very little hold-over inventory makes it past the March show season.

Another reason people tend to buy in March, is that a we generally have time to custom order a boat in time for the season.   This way you don’t have to settle for a model that is the wrong color or may not have a certain feature, just because you want to get your family on the water. 

Finally, Hamlin’s Marine brings in outside experts to assist you in making a decision.  Experts include professional fishermen, boat manufacturers, and some of our long-time customers.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a third-party’s opinion when you are struggling to make a decision.

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