Friday, April 1, 2011

Degree of Fish Fever

Why should you fish anyway? You will spend endless hours trying to retrieve fish from water that is too deep, shallow or discolored. You'll have moments of disgust and moments of joy. Sometimes you'll wonder what you’re doing wrong; other times you'll wonder what you’re doing right. And after those long tireless hours, some of us will even return those fish to the tannic stained waters of Maine.

I fish a lot. But some people fish harder and longer than me. I like to blame their ability to out fish me on my age, but I have a strong feeling that it has to do with something else.

My brother in-law tells me how much he likes to fish. Every time I ask him to go, something gets in the way. It may be a barbecue he has planned with friends or a baseball game he wants to see. His degree of fish fever is probably low.

I have another friend. I asked him to go ice fishing with me last winter. He hates the cold and tepidly declined. But latter that evening, I received a call from him asking how the fishing was. He has a higher degree of fish fever and fished with me the following weekend.

Several years ago I was fishing Rangeley Lake, in western Maine, shortly after ice out. When we were pulling out of the water, after a long weekend of fishing, we ran into John. John had been fishing the Lake for two weeks. He had caught over fifty salmon during that time. John takes several weeks off from work moment Rangeley Lake opens up. John has a higher degree of fish fever than me.

What degree of fish fever do you have? Take the following test and add up the degrees to find your fever!

You've called in to work stating you were sick to go fishing =1* -You regularly skip family get-togethers to go fishing=1* -All you friends fish; if they don't, they're not your friend=1* -You own more than two fishing poles nut less than five=1* -You'll walk more than a mile or paddle more than three for a fishing spot=1* -You own more than five fishing poles=2* -You suck up to your friends that own a boat or fishing camp=2*

-You get pissed off when people catch more fish than you=2* -You regularly get up earlier that 4:00 AM to go fishing=2* -You dream about leaving your spouse, abandoning your family, purchasing a rig to travel across country with one thought in mind, fish, fish, and more fish=3*

-You regularly get up earlier than 3:00 AM to go fishing=3* -You decided to marry your spouse, or are deciding, because of her fishing ability=3* -You have spent more on your truck and boat than you paid for your house=4* -You think about fishing more than twice a day and read fishing literature or the FishHead blog at work=5* -You find a trip to LL Bean, Kittery Trading Post or Cabela's more exhilarating than a trip to the hospital for your first born=5* -You've sold your house to purchase your rig and obtain more time to fish=6* -You’ve quit your job because fishing season is open and you don’t know what you’re going to do other than fish=7* -Your contemplating a divorce because your spouse complains about the amount of time you spend fishing=8* -You've left your wife, abandoned your family, purchased a rig and are traveling across country with one thought in mind, fish, fish, and more fish=10*

How high is your fever?

(1*-3*)If you're degree of fish fever is between 1 and 3 degrees you have a mild fever. Limit your interaction with fishing buddies and fish less than once a month to cure the fever.

(4*-6*)Your fever is critical. It is important to sell all fishing equipment and cancel fishing plans if you want to stop the fever from progressing. This is a critical stage and if not managed properly your fever could become worse.

(7*-9*)You have a bad fever and have entered the management stage. The selling of equipment or canceling of fishing trips could cause panic attacks or worse. It is important to fish on a weekly basis to keep your composure but limit contact with other fisherman if at all possible. This could invoke the desire to out fish them and spend more and more in an attempt to do so.

(10* and over....) You have the fever baaaad! It is important to manage your life in a way that evolves around fishing. Limit your friends to people that fish and choose your spouse and her family carefully (marital problems could result if this is not followed properly) Fish every weekend and at least once during the week to limit the temptations to blow off work and go fishing. And finally fish till you drop! (Booking trips to Labrador or Alaska can help you with this endeavor).

You only live once!

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By: Marc Gilbert (A Hamlin's customer and very serious fisherman!)

Boat Sales, Service, and Marina at Hamlin's Marine

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