Friday, April 29, 2011

The Ultimate Penobscot River Ride Will Be Here in 45 Minutes!!!!

I'm so excited.  To me, it's 5 A.M. on Christmas morning and I'm a twelve year old lying in bed with my eyes wide open waiting for my parents to let me come down the stairs and see my brand new bike.  Only I am really 34, its a beautiful April morning, and I am about to unload a 2011 Rinker 310 Express Cruiser at the marina.  I swear, though, it is the exact same feeling.

You see, I've had to wait a long time for this boat to arrive.  In January, I painstakingly picked out options, colors, and the engines.  Of course, my instinct was to load up the boat with every bit of marine candy I could.  Unfortunately, it's not my boat, and it is important for the future boat owner to customize the vessel to his/or her preference.  So, I didn't go crazy...the boat is white with a black boot stripe and some other nice finishing touches.  The twin V8 Mercruisers will push the boat in excess of 40 MPH if needed, but will cruise efficiently at around 25 mph.

Rinker has broken the status quo with this new vessel and has, in my opinion, manifested what all boater's desire...a perfect balance of form and function.   Really, this boat is a work of art.  But the 310 is certainly no wall ornament, as it will hand deliver you to countless ocean-going adventures.  Life is short and fleeting...buying a 310 will transform your existence and provide you, your family, and friends with memories of seascapes, lobster bakes, and beach combing in Maine.  No regrets...just a feeling of real satisfaction.
Check out some of the photos of our adventures in Penobscot Bay...

The interior is spacious and there is plenty of room to lounge in the open air; just imagine rounding the corner in to Castine Harbor, cutting a 3' chop, and feeling the warm sun on your skin.  Pull up to the dock...walk to the market and pick up a couple of ribeyes to throw on the integrated grill.

Oh, the anticipation is killing me.  Got to shoot down to the waterfont to unload her right now!!!

Check her out... Rinker Boats - 2011 Rinker 310 Express Cruiser  and view all of our other boats at Boat Sales at Hamlin's Marine

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