Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wet, Hot, American Summer

Has anyone actually seen the movie "Wet, Hot, American Summer"?  Well I did.  Turns out it takes place in and around Waterville Maine in the early 1980s. 

The movie is about the misdirected antics of teenage councilors at one of our great summer camps.  The movie features a lot of rayon clothing, above-the-calf althetic striped socks, and some of the most irresponsible boating stunts I've ever seen. 

I believe that we will one day look back at this movie and realize it as one of the great American movie classics.  Well, maybe not...but it least it shows people all around the world that Maine is a great place to spend the summer!

This year we've seen summer hit us like a freight train.  For every 90 degree day in Maine, we've got about 30 days of shoveling snow; we deserve it and need to enjoy these wonderful summer days.  There's no better cure for the heat than to launch a boat and be out on the water with friends and family. 

Enjoy your Wet, Hot American Summer and get out on the water before its football season!