Saturday, August 20, 2011

Scout Boats...Coming to a Harbor Near You!

At Hamlin's, we choose our boat brands very carefully.  You see, we kind of do things the old-fashioned way.  We believe in building trust with our customers and our boat manufacturers.  This may seem like a common sense way of doing business, but lately it has become more and more of a challenge.

All too often, people and companies are here today...and gone tomorrow.  Hamlin's Marine wants to sell boats from builders that will be there for generations to come.  That way, Joe Smith's grandson will inherit a boat and still find parts for it years down the road.

There are lots of choices in today's world.  Just walk in to your local convenience store and try to purchase something to quench your thirst.  Maybe you are looking for juice, a soda, a high-potency energy drink, or just plain old water.  The low end soda may be a buck, and the strange 40 ounce can with the angry red cow on it may run you $6.50.  What really sets these liquid potions apart?  Marketing? Vitamins?  Who knows...but in the time it takes you decide what to purchase, you've lost about an hour of quality time with your family.

What I do know is that it's a good thing I sell boats and not drinks, because boats are a lot more simple.  There are good boats, there are bad boats, and there really isn't much in between.  An old salt gave me the best advice I've heard yet when it comes to boats.  He said..."Everyone wants a boat that is big, fast, and doesn't cost much.  You'll never find all three, and you're lucky to find two!"

We think we've really picked a winner with Scout Boats, and that old man would be surprised at how much value these boats pack.  Models will be turning up at our Waterville and Hampden showroom over the next few weeks.  These fiberglass beauties range from 15'-35' feet, and feature a nice mix of sport fishing, family runabouts, and offshore cruising boats. 

15' Sportfish

Scout is family owned and operated; it is obvious that the family goes through tremendous effort in delivering an incredible product.  I've seen no other boats in this class with such high quality upholstery, hardware, and finish.

There are some big names in this segment of boating like Grady, Pursuit, and Whaler.  Those names conjure up images of dollar signs.  Scouts are serious fishing boats too, but I bet you won't find another brand that allows you to fish in such comfort while keeping your initial investment in check.

210 XSF

Oh, and Scout is a serious family man's boat.  The Abaco series provides ample cabin space for camping trips out to the island.  The no nonsense cockpit provides plenty of room for pack and plays, strollers, firewood, and all those drinks I was writing about earlier.  Better yet, it's just a good looking boat.  Even Joe Smith's grandson will be proud to run the bay with a Scout thirty years down the line.


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