Monday, November 28, 2011

The Hurricane Is Taking Over By Storm!

A post by Kyle Ross

When I first started working here at Hamlin's Marina in May, I thought that I had experienced all of the different types of boats here on the Penobscot River. Man was I wrong! I remember the first time that I laid my eyes on the hull of a Hurricane Deck Boat, I was confused as to why anybody would want to have one. The hull of the boat is wide, and resembles a barge. I learned first hand that physical looks can be deceiving.
Hurricane SS188 I/O

As I started to learn about the build of the Hurricane, I quickly realized that the boat is amazing in so many different aspects! This boat has a little bit of everything for everybody. If you like to spend the day water skiing or tubing, the Hurricane can do it. If you want to spend the day fishing, the Hurricane has a built in live well, so you can do it. If you like to have a lot of people on your boat, and have a nice party on the water, the Hurricane can do it! This boat is the best of everything that you can do on the water. Now some people like outboard motors, while others like the I/O (inboard outboard) engines. The Hurricane can come in either form, and has many different models for each engine type. There is always plenty of seating on all of the models, so getting all of your friends on board should not be a problem!

So in short, the Hurricane line of boats opened my eyes to even more fun on the water! The design of the boat is genius, and it is the perfect choice for people looking to have the space of a pontoon boat, but keep the agility of a recreational skiing boat. I know for sure, that if I were able to purchase a boat, the Hurricane line up would be my number one choice!