Monday, January 9, 2012

Counting Our Blessings at Hamlin's Marina

Last year was a remarkable year at Hamlin's Marina, as we celebrated 5 years on the Hampden, Maine waterfront.  The events that transpired in 2011 for our business are nothing short of miraculous, and I give credit to our employees, our customers, and town of Hampden.

The first major event was the purchase and renovation of the buildings formally owned by Sterns Lumber Company.  In a matter of months, Payson Construction transformed the 1960's era lumber store into a stunning boat showroom and storage facility housing around one hundred boats.  The new showroom has allowed us to bring all of our new boats inside providing a comfortable and clean environment for anyone shopping for a boat or marine accessories. 

Next, McLaughlin's at the Marina opened a wildly successful restaurant on the waterfront to serve diners from land and sea.  Kimberly and Reid McLauglin worked ridiculously long hours to expand the existing building while training twenty new staffers!  They worked right into New Years booking private parties and organizing wine dinners.

And after five years working with the Town of Hampden on a land swap to build a new public waterfront park adjacent to the marina, Chevron wrote a big check to fund the park, new parking lot, and trail system.  If that isn't a miracle, I'm not sure what is!

So, I am sitting here in my office on my first day at work for 2012.  I am fresh off of a great family vacation, and I cannot wait to get things rolling on the waterfront again.