Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scouts Are Out To Getcha!

A Blog by Kyle Ross:

On the plains of Africa, the cheetah is a predator that is unlike any other. To the common eye, the cheetah is a cute, fuzzy, beautiful kitty. From the view point of the poor grazers of the plains, the cheetah is a slick, elegant, killing machine. The Scout 245 Abaco is a cheetah. YOU are the prey.


Try all you want, the Scout always gets you in the end. You look at this boat and think of it as a beautiful, innocent masterpiece. This is where the Scout lures your interest. You cant resist looking into its belly, which will make your jaw drop. And once you see the spacious interior, you cant help yourself but get in and  see everything up close. Little do you know, the Scout is digging in its claws, and you are about to fall victim.

You see that there is enough space on board for people to lounge inside the cuddy cabin. That there is a head on board as well, so frequent stops dont need to be made! The captain's area is equipped with all of the gauges and gadgets that he could possibly imagine. All of which are protected from the elements by the hard top overhead. The hunt is almost over...

As you exit the belly, you notice the bulk of a 300 horse power Yamaha outboard on the transom. The Scout has made its kill.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Purist's Fishing Boat...The New Polar kraft 179 Frontier

Quite often, people are seeking a boat that can do it all.  They figure if you're going to spend the money, a boat should be able to pull a 300 lbs man on waterskis, forge a shallow creek, take on an 8 ft swell head-on, seat twenty people comfortably, be able to top out at sixty mph, troll down to 1/2 mph, and sport several dozen rodholders and cupholders. 

A wiser man than me once said..."Dan, ya know if you're gonna sell boats ya ought to know that people always want three things... lots of space, plenty of speed, and it ought not to cost more than a pocket full of change.  Ya might get one out of three, but ya sure ain't gettin all three!

That's why I always love running into the purist...the fisherman.  With the exception of the bass angler, most fishermen don't care about flash and dash.  Quality and practicality are the name of the game for anglers in Maine, and I think Polar kraft just hit a homerun with the new Polar kraft 179 Frontier.  The boat does what it is designed to do extremely well...that is catch fish, traverse a wide variety of water, and store a massive amount of tackle and rods.

 The new model from Polar kraft matches form and function with a low profile gauge panel, functional accessories track, and very large reinforced storage compartment lids...

Although the features are exciting, the true joy of owning a 179 Frontier is the ride and the comfort.  The Frontier features the exclusive V-Pad hull and 99" across the beam which would entice even Paul Bunyan to take up fishing. 

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chillin on an Aqua Patio

A Blog Written by Kyle Ross:

Feeling the soft summer breeze and the rays of the sun upon your body, you dont have any worries while you lounge on the upgraded vinyl of your Aqua Patio 220. Everybody is different, but we can all agree that nothing beats a day on the water. So why spend your time out on the water in a boat that doesn't satisfy your every need? This is where Godfrey Pontoons and the Aqua Patio 220 step in with luxury and style.

 This boat will turn the head of every resident on the lake! It has a sleek, black finish with a platinum backsplash that gives it a truly tough look. The external look of the pontoon is not the only part of the boat that is eye catching. The interior of this boat is fit for a king! The vinyl covering of the seats are upgraded and soft to the touch. And with the combination of this fabric and the plushness of the cushions, everybody will be begging you for a ride!

Now that all of your friends and neighbors are going to want to ride on your Aqua Patio, it is nice to know that you can seat a total of 12 people. This fact will really make you feel like royalty while you are driving on the raised helm seat. Not only is the helm higher than the rest of the floor, all of the controls/gauges/ and captains chair are upgraded for pure luxury. Along with these upgrades you have a Sony stereo system that will blast the music to your party.

The kids will have a blast with this boat as well! There is a ski tow that will allow for them to spend the day tubing! And there is no need to go to shore for bathroom breaks (because we know how nature can strike at any moment), for there is a changing room curtain on board. Stick a Porta-Potti in there and you have all of the privacy you need. It also provides a good area for changing into swimsuits and/or outfits.

Spending the day on the lake has never been so fun. You will be the envy of your neighbors, and the highlight of the fun. The Aqua Patio 220 has everything that is possibly needed to have a great time, and lets just admit it, it is almost time to work on your tan!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly...Reflections of the Bangor Mall

Every year I step out of my comfort zone at our marina on the Penobscot River and open up shop at the Bangor Mall for the month of February. 

Kyle Ross Manning His Post

The sounds of the Bangor Mall are much different than the rising and falling of the's a cacophony of crying babies and arguing lovers mixed with the infinite whirring of the Blizzard machine at the Dairy Queen.  The mall is a great equalizer of sorts...the strong, the weak, the rich, and the poor become intertwined into one single macroorganism known as the general public.

What happens when you put seven beautiful fiberglass and aluminum masterpieces within arm's reach of the general public on a February day in Bangor, Maine?

Typical February Day at the Bangor Mall in The Hamlin's Marina Boat Store

Think depression-ea bankrun or an LA riot minus the violence and tear gas.  If mall patrons are baracudas, then boats are like shiny diamond jewelry!  My only weapons are a terry cloth and a bottle of Windex.  Bring it on!

I can't imagine why people are going bonkers...check out this Mastercraft X25 on display:

Can You Say Eye Candy?

One thing I've learned at the Bangor Mall is that boat love is pretty much universal.  In fact, I spoke with this one tattooed ruffian who told me that fluffy kittens angered him...but he was so touched by the beauty of the Scout 187 Dorado ( on display, that it brought the man to tears.  Luckily, I was carrying my trusty terry cloth and I dabbed away the wet trails on the man's weathered face.

So, shake off the winter blues and stop by the Bangor mall store.  We've got some amazing boat specials going on, and it won't be long until the warm sun draws thousands of boaters out of hibernation. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beauty & The Beast

Do you want to catch fish? I mean, do you really want to catch fish??  If you do, then you are going to need a proper boat.  I know Brad Pitt only needed waders when he pretended to fish in "A River Runs Through It", but real fisherman need a real fishing boat.  You'd look pretty silly in waders trying to bring in a Mako shark, now wouldn't you?

Now not every fisherman is alike of course.  If you're the type that likes a nicely pressed shirt, a close shave, and an occasional pedicure (you don't have to admit it), then you might appreciate Scout's 210 XSF center console fishing boat for its contoured lines and comfortable upholstery. 


Don't hate if for being beautiful, however, because you can stalk fish from Moosehead to Mt. Desert Rock in this rig.  Yes, Scout makes you swoon with details like a powder-coated T-Top and loads of stainless hardware like a suicide knob at the helm, but she takes care of business like Ray Lewis laying out a running back.  Scout's rugged good looks just enhance the overall experience of being out on the water.  And a Scout 210 is just as comfortable in fresh water as she is in the ocean.

You might be the fisherman who values a different type of boat.  I've never seen a pair of Carhartt pants that required ironing.  You might think that the perfect complement to Canadian Club is a can of Vienna Sausages.  You also might think that pairing a 21' Aluminum Polar kraft fishing boat with a 90 Horsepower Yamaha outboard WITH TILLER ARM is the greatest match since blue cheese dressing met the buffalo wing.  For all of you that fit this description, meet the BEAST...

The Beast
Bottom line is that either of these boats are capable of chasing northern pike, landlocked salmon, lake trout, brown trout, brook trout, stripers, blues, halibut, mako sharks, blue sharks, thresher sharks, eels, yellow perch, pickerel, and gold fish.  Guess what...we've got all those buggers in Maine, and you better start thinking about getting rigged up, 'cause iceout is right around the corner.  Giddyup!