Thursday, February 2, 2012

Beauty & The Beast

Do you want to catch fish? I mean, do you really want to catch fish??  If you do, then you are going to need a proper boat.  I know Brad Pitt only needed waders when he pretended to fish in "A River Runs Through It", but real fisherman need a real fishing boat.  You'd look pretty silly in waders trying to bring in a Mako shark, now wouldn't you?

Now not every fisherman is alike of course.  If you're the type that likes a nicely pressed shirt, a close shave, and an occasional pedicure (you don't have to admit it), then you might appreciate Scout's 210 XSF center console fishing boat for its contoured lines and comfortable upholstery. 


Don't hate if for being beautiful, however, because you can stalk fish from Moosehead to Mt. Desert Rock in this rig.  Yes, Scout makes you swoon with details like a powder-coated T-Top and loads of stainless hardware like a suicide knob at the helm, but she takes care of business like Ray Lewis laying out a running back.  Scout's rugged good looks just enhance the overall experience of being out on the water.  And a Scout 210 is just as comfortable in fresh water as she is in the ocean.

You might be the fisherman who values a different type of boat.  I've never seen a pair of Carhartt pants that required ironing.  You might think that the perfect complement to Canadian Club is a can of Vienna Sausages.  You also might think that pairing a 21' Aluminum Polar kraft fishing boat with a 90 Horsepower Yamaha outboard WITH TILLER ARM is the greatest match since blue cheese dressing met the buffalo wing.  For all of you that fit this description, meet the BEAST...

The Beast
Bottom line is that either of these boats are capable of chasing northern pike, landlocked salmon, lake trout, brown trout, brook trout, stripers, blues, halibut, mako sharks, blue sharks, thresher sharks, eels, yellow perch, pickerel, and gold fish.  Guess what...we've got all those buggers in Maine, and you better start thinking about getting rigged up, 'cause iceout is right around the corner.  Giddyup!

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