Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chillin on an Aqua Patio

A Blog Written by Kyle Ross:

Feeling the soft summer breeze and the rays of the sun upon your body, you dont have any worries while you lounge on the upgraded vinyl of your Aqua Patio 220. Everybody is different, but we can all agree that nothing beats a day on the water. So why spend your time out on the water in a boat that doesn't satisfy your every need? This is where Godfrey Pontoons and the Aqua Patio 220 step in with luxury and style.

 This boat will turn the head of every resident on the lake! It has a sleek, black finish with a platinum backsplash that gives it a truly tough look. The external look of the pontoon is not the only part of the boat that is eye catching. The interior of this boat is fit for a king! The vinyl covering of the seats are upgraded and soft to the touch. And with the combination of this fabric and the plushness of the cushions, everybody will be begging you for a ride!

Now that all of your friends and neighbors are going to want to ride on your Aqua Patio, it is nice to know that you can seat a total of 12 people. This fact will really make you feel like royalty while you are driving on the raised helm seat. Not only is the helm higher than the rest of the floor, all of the controls/gauges/ and captains chair are upgraded for pure luxury. Along with these upgrades you have a Sony stereo system that will blast the music to your party.

The kids will have a blast with this boat as well! There is a ski tow that will allow for them to spend the day tubing! And there is no need to go to shore for bathroom breaks (because we know how nature can strike at any moment), for there is a changing room curtain on board. Stick a Porta-Potti in there and you have all of the privacy you need. It also provides a good area for changing into swimsuits and/or outfits.

Spending the day on the lake has never been so fun. You will be the envy of your neighbors, and the highlight of the fun. The Aqua Patio 220 has everything that is possibly needed to have a great time, and lets just admit it, it is almost time to work on your tan!

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