Monday, February 13, 2012

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly...Reflections of the Bangor Mall

Every year I step out of my comfort zone at our marina on the Penobscot River and open up shop at the Bangor Mall for the month of February. 

Kyle Ross Manning His Post

The sounds of the Bangor Mall are much different than the rising and falling of the's a cacophony of crying babies and arguing lovers mixed with the infinite whirring of the Blizzard machine at the Dairy Queen.  The mall is a great equalizer of sorts...the strong, the weak, the rich, and the poor become intertwined into one single macroorganism known as the general public.

What happens when you put seven beautiful fiberglass and aluminum masterpieces within arm's reach of the general public on a February day in Bangor, Maine?

Typical February Day at the Bangor Mall in The Hamlin's Marina Boat Store

Think depression-ea bankrun or an LA riot minus the violence and tear gas.  If mall patrons are baracudas, then boats are like shiny diamond jewelry!  My only weapons are a terry cloth and a bottle of Windex.  Bring it on!

I can't imagine why people are going bonkers...check out this Mastercraft X25 on display:

Can You Say Eye Candy?

One thing I've learned at the Bangor Mall is that boat love is pretty much universal.  In fact, I spoke with this one tattooed ruffian who told me that fluffy kittens angered him...but he was so touched by the beauty of the Scout 187 Dorado ( on display, that it brought the man to tears.  Luckily, I was carrying my trusty terry cloth and I dabbed away the wet trails on the man's weathered face.

So, shake off the winter blues and stop by the Bangor mall store.  We've got some amazing boat specials going on, and it won't be long until the warm sun draws thousands of boaters out of hibernation. 

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