Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Purist's Fishing Boat...The New Polar kraft 179 Frontier

Quite often, people are seeking a boat that can do it all.  They figure if you're going to spend the money, a boat should be able to pull a 300 lbs man on waterskis, forge a shallow creek, take on an 8 ft swell head-on, seat twenty people comfortably, be able to top out at sixty mph, troll down to 1/2 mph, and sport several dozen rodholders and cupholders. 

A wiser man than me once said..."Dan, ya know if you're gonna sell boats ya ought to know that people always want three things... lots of space, plenty of speed, and it ought not to cost more than a pocket full of change.  Ya might get one out of three, but ya sure ain't gettin all three!

That's why I always love running into the purist...the fisherman.  With the exception of the bass angler, most fishermen don't care about flash and dash.  Quality and practicality are the name of the game for anglers in Maine, and I think Polar kraft just hit a homerun with the new Polar kraft 179 Frontier.  The boat does what it is designed to do extremely well...that is catch fish, traverse a wide variety of water, and store a massive amount of tackle and rods.

 The new model from Polar kraft matches form and function with a low profile gauge panel, functional accessories track, and very large reinforced storage compartment lids...

Although the features are exciting, the true joy of owning a 179 Frontier is the ride and the comfort.  The Frontier features the exclusive V-Pad hull and 99" across the beam which would entice even Paul Bunyan to take up fishing. 

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