Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Scouts Are Out To Getcha!

A Blog by Kyle Ross:

On the plains of Africa, the cheetah is a predator that is unlike any other. To the common eye, the cheetah is a cute, fuzzy, beautiful kitty. From the view point of the poor grazers of the plains, the cheetah is a slick, elegant, killing machine. The Scout 245 Abaco is a cheetah. YOU are the prey.


Try all you want, the Scout always gets you in the end. You look at this boat and think of it as a beautiful, innocent masterpiece. This is where the Scout lures your interest. You cant resist looking into its belly, which will make your jaw drop. And once you see the spacious interior, you cant help yourself but get in and  see everything up close. Little do you know, the Scout is digging in its claws, and you are about to fall victim.

You see that there is enough space on board for people to lounge inside the cuddy cabin. That there is a head on board as well, so frequent stops dont need to be made! The captain's area is equipped with all of the gauges and gadgets that he could possibly imagine. All of which are protected from the elements by the hard top overhead. The hunt is almost over...

As you exit the belly, you notice the bulk of a 300 horse power Yamaha outboard on the transom. The Scout has made its kill.

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