Saturday, June 2, 2012

Prepare Your Boat For The Maine Coast

The best advice I have to someone who is interested in exploring the Maine Coast by boat is... Be Prepared!  When you are prepared, it makes boating an enjoyable and relaxing affair. 

Being prepared includes having the proper safety gear, and that includes electronics.  Electrical componets are prone to failure; you should have a good understanding of traditional forms of navigation using a compass, soundings, and a chart.  A good chartplotter, radar, sonar, and  VHF radio will make your adventures safe and fun.  The features available on today's electronic suites include all the standard fare plus enhancements such as weather overlays, emergency Coast Guard calling, even satellite radio.

Today at the Hamlin's Marina, we are outfitting a 2012 Scout 245 Abaco.

Scout 245 Abaco

The owner has chosen to install a Garmin 5208 flush mounted screen in the dash.  The unit features an 8" touch screen for navigating menus and information.  The unit also allows you to overlay valuable information on the map including radar and satellite Doppler weather radar.  An added bonus is that the 5208 acts as a receiver for XM radio (sometimes its hard to tune in WTOS twenty miles offshore!)

Helm featuring Garmin 5208 and Standard Horizon Eclipse VHF with GPS

Installing the correct electronics includes owning the right boat.  You can see that the 245 Abaco is well suited for coastal cruising and it has ample space for mounting screens and antennas.  The helm features a large, flat dash for handling todays large, high-definition screens.  More importantly, it features a fiberglass hardtop which is perfect for mounting a raydome, multiple antennas, and even a remote spotlight.
Justin "Reno" Bennett Chasing Wires to the Hardtop


Hamlin's Marina has everything you need to safely enjoy the Maine Coast.  Make sure you stop in before you venture out on the high seas!

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