Monday, March 25, 2013

Escape to Reality With the Scout 275 LXF

Get out of Dodge. Fly the coup. Bust out. Run away.

You need an escape vehicle from our processed, dead-line driven reality. Too many commitments? No, life is short. Love your wife and kids.

Get out of the markets, and get into a 2013 Scout 275 LXF available now at Hamlin's Marina.

She's waiting for all of you with her alluring lines. The 275 LXF is the mantle piece of our Hampden showroom. You can't miss her.

A brand new marina slip is pining away for this lady, waiting for the 275 LXF to touch the Penobscot. The islands...Butter, Pond, and Isle Au Haut are all waiting for a glimpse of a dark blue ribbon stretched across the horizon on a steamy July day.

Here she is...27' fun wagon adorned with rocket launchers, stainless grill center, and Twin Yamaha F200XB outboards (merely 10 lbs heavier than Yamaha F150s).

Come in for a glimpse or possibly much, much more.

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