Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Stingray 250CS: Your Seagoing RV

Many families come to me every spring expressing their desire to own a cabin cruiser. These adventurous folks want to share the beauty and mystique of Maine waters with their loved ones; at night, they don't want to go home but rather stay on the water. Let the rolling tide lull them to sleep.

I can often see disappointment as I speak plainly of the cost of owning a cabin cruiser. Most are comparing the costs to with a bow rider a simple fishing boat. With a cabin cruiser you have a higher upfront cost, but the annual maintenance cost of seasonal layup for multiple engines, advanced systems, slips, fuel, and storage grows into the thousands.

Really when purchasing a cabin cruiser, it should be an alternative to a camp or an RV. The true joy of owning a cabin cruiser is the freedom experience of hopping from harbor to harbor every summer. There will always be new friends, abundant fish and wildlife, and new restaurants and shops.

Behold the 2013 Stingray 250 CS.


Stingray has built a truly remarkable and affordable cabin cruiser. With comfortable forward and rear cabin sleeping, a well appointed galley, and a patio-sized cockpit...the Stingray 250 CS is impressive. With Stingray's famous Z-Plane hull, this townhouse tops out at 50 mph with a single, fuel-friendly Mercruiser 350 MAG.

Built for lakes, rivers, and the ocean, you'll never run out of territory to explore. The high cockpit allows a great vantage for sightseeing, or sipping cocktails in the evening on your slip. Plenty if room in the 250CS for your friends and family to stretch out. Send your kids down to the cabin to eat popcorn and watch Madagascar, as you hold your girl in your arms and watch a low hung moon over the bay.

And the price...get ready for it...$69,995! No I'm not kidding. See what kind of waterfront real estate that will afford you these days.


Come to the Hampden showroom today to tour this beautiful Stingray and reserve your slip on the Penobscot. Make plans to spend this summer on the water at Hamlin's Marina.




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