Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rare Puffins Spotted At Hamlin's Marina

One day, I jumped in one of our Scout fishing boats at Hamlin’s Marina and headed for Castine.  Before I left, I grabbed a massive quantity of fried clams from McLaughlin’s at the Marina.  The clams were so good that I ate until I passed out!

When I came to, I had drifted way off my course.  I was out past the Merchant Islands...past Isle au Haut even!  The seas had picked up, and I ended up crashing ashore some distant island.  Luckily the Scout was unharmed. 

A flock of exotic colorful birds came to my rescue and nursed me back to health.  I’d learn later that these beautiful orange, white, and black creatures were Puffins.

The Puffins fed me herring to nurse me back to health.   They told me not to eat any more fried clams as the raw herring was better for me. I regained strength and vowed if I ever made it home I’d return to honor the colony in some way.  Eventually Hamlin’s service manager, Reid Garrity, spotted me while he was out shark fishing and returned me to the Hampden docks. 

I immediately purchased the Puffin Dinghy company and transferred it to Hampden to honor my saviors. 
Yesterday, I piloted our flagship 1060 Puffin powered by a 2.5 HP Yamaha all the way to my distant Puffin colony. 

The King of all the Puffins greeted me on the rocky shore, and we discussed plans to grow distribution of Puffin Dinghies around the world. 

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