Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Northcoast Boats...Coming to a Mooring Near You

First Stock Northcoast 20' Center Console

I am headed to Bristol, Rhode Island to C&C Fiberglass Components tomorrow to pick up our first Northcoast model, a 20' Center Console black beauty.

At Hamlin's Marina, we sell everything from pontoon boats, to guide boats, to wake surfing boats.  But the Northcoast line tugs at my heart strings.  Why?  Because these are the types of wave-stomping water rockets that can deliver you to the remote beauty of the Maine coast.  Whether you want to fish, camp, stargaze, or harbor hop...there is no substitute for a big bodied deep-v out here.

Look for Northcoast at the upcoming Portland, Augusta, and Bangor Shows.  Over the next month, we'll be fetching a 19' Center Console, a 21' Hardtop, and a 23' Hardtop.  One lucky soul will be taking delivery of a 20' Center Console with a custom davit for hauling traps; she's rolling off the line in Bristol next week.

Northcoast is built by C&C Fiberglass Components who also builds components for some of the finest yacht companies on the east coast.  They even build the bodies for Ford Cobra kit cars.  Needless to say, these guys are about one thing...building stuff with fiberglass.

Now that Hamlin's is building boats, I've grown to have a great appreciation for things made out of fiberglass.  It's weird stuff really...layers of cloth and resin infused together.  What comes out of a 55 gallon drum gives birth to fine forms including the hull of a Northcoast.  I've come to find that a lot of boat companies don't really do the whole fiberglass thing all that well.  It bothers me now when I look at boats with obvious imperfections and sloppy finish work.  Attention to detail and the highest finish quality is the #1 reason we chose to bring on Northcoast.  The care and consideration dedicated to each Northcoast is evident in the photos of several of our boats in production:

What I see throughout the build process is that Northcoast goes the extra mile with full cockpit liners, clean non-skid patterns, and over-sized hardware.  Amazingly, Northcoast is 100% composite which is common on the most pricey boats out there, yet Northcoast boats are much more affordable.

I can't wait to get Northcoast to our home turf, and we'll have one in Waterville this week!.  Hamlin's is proud to be a Northcoast's exclusive Maine dealer.

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