Monday, March 10, 2014

Rob Labelle: Hamlin's Own Billy Mays

Billy Mays
Recently, the world lost a great telemarketer in our beloved Billy Mays.  You may remember him as the highly-energetic spokesperson who promoted great household products like OxiClean, ShamWow, and Kaboom.

Unfortunately for Billy and all of us, not all of his energy could be attributed to a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.  Sadly, Billy died of complications related to a chemical substance that doesn't clean your bathroom, laundry, or floors.

I believe that Billy lives on (the good part anyway!) in our newest sales team member, Rob Labelle.

Rob Labelle

Rob has recently taken over the Hamlin's Youtube Channel as a boat video tour personality.  Check out Rob as he walks you through some of the newest and sexiest pontoon boat packages on the market today:

Send us your comments and feedback.  Is Rob Labelle really the next Billy Mays?

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  1. Any video's with these boats running down a lake or river?