Monday, April 21, 2014

Get Your Fish On...Ice is Finally Out

My family spent Easter at my mom's house in Belfast.  "Over the river & through the Grandmother's house we go..." was playing in my mind as I weaved and bobbed over frost-heaved roads in Monroe and Swanville.

Then I saw it.  Swan Lake was wide open!

Beautiful ripples made endless patterns, where weeks before there was a village of ice shacks.  So let the fun begin!  Service your reels, dust off your rods, and sharpen your hooks.  Fire up the outboard, grease the bearings on the trailer, check your brake lights, and head out to the lake.

What if you don't have a boat?  Don't be confined to the shore...there are plenty of boats in stock to choose from; easy financing is available as well.  If you can't get a loan, it's elver season so get a net!

Here are a couple of great deals to get you on the water this weekend:

2014 Polar kraft Nor'easter 163 WT, Yamaha F70, & Ezloader (Loaded): ONLY $21,995

2014 Polar kraft Kodiak 190 Sport, Yamaha F150,  & Ezloader (Loaded): Only $39,995

2014 Frontier 179 WT, Yamaha F90, & Ezloader (Loaded): Only $28,572

And the Deal of the Century!!!!!

2012 SPORTSMAN 2072 CC (NEW)
New 2012 Sportsman 2072 Center Console, Yamaha F90, & Trailer: $17,995

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