Saturday, May 10, 2014

And So It Begins...the 2014 Boating Season

My Daughter, Zoe, and I Pulling Boats Out of Storage

This season is starting off with a roar.  Just a few rays of sun were enough to call boaters from all corners of Maine to our yard.  It's always a race to see who will be first in the water!  The past two weeks have been an all out marathon of rigging new boats, commissioning customer boats, installing the marina docks, and playing traffic cop.  It was as if Grand Central Station had been teleported to quiet Hampden, Maine.

Here are some pics I've snapped around the marina...

Katie Bringing Donuts to the Shop

Polar kraft Nor'easter 163 Walk Through "Holiday Lights"
Sailboats in Line

Everybody is ready to get out on the water after the Polar Vortex winter we had.  Hoping to see you soon!

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