Friday, August 8, 2014

Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Show Preview

It has been way too long since my last post!  Thanks to all of our customers and employees, Hamlin's is experiencing a record season.  A robust economy means some very happy boaters!

The boating industry is back, and Hamlin's has two brand new lines that we are featuring at the in-water boat show this weekend at Rockland Harbor.  Check out the show website for show hours, vendors, & directions:

First, we've added NorthCoast boats to our lineup.  These boats are a New England classic built in Bristol, Rhode Island.  These guys are fiberglass pros and have impressed sarcastic, ruddy-faced fishermen for the last decade.  Recent refinements of the boats including innovative seating have made NorthCoast the boat of choice for Maine coastal cruising.   We have three models on display in Rockland this weekend:

The NorthCoast 23' Hard Top...

This model has a fiberglass hardtop which allows both protection from the elements and the ability to mount the latest Garmin electronics.  This model is turn-key and ready to go with twin Garmin 740 touchscreen displays, HD radar, a thru-hull bronze transducer, a Down Vu transducer, a Meteor stereo system controlled by touchscreen, an anchor windlass, a portable head, and most importantly...a Yamaha F225 on an Armstrong bracket.  This is the most comfortable 23' boat I've ever been on that still can fish with the best.  The ultimate tuna chaser and shark magnet!

Show price as equipped:  $87,350

The NorthCoast 20' Center Console...

The 20' Center Console is tricked out with bow seating, cushions with black piping, pop up stainless hardware and more!  She rips with a Yamaha F150.  We went all black on this one to bring out the pirate in you!

Show price as equipped:  $48,456

The NorthCoast 19' Center Console...

Biggest, burliest 19' Center Console to hit the water.  Simple, practical, and seaworthy enough to explore the Maine Coast on a marginal day.  Efficient harbor hopping with a Yamaha F90 makes for long days out on the water.

Show price as equipped:  $29,661

The Cutwater 26...

The Cutwater 26 is the Great White Buffalo of boats.  Hamlin's searched far and wide for the impossible...which finally turned up near Seattle, Washington at a company called Fluid Motion.  Well we brought her all the way across the country and it was worth it!

Why is this boat so rare?  It is rare because you can put this boat on a trailer.  "So what?", you might say.  You can put this boat on a trailer, and...

1.)  It is powered by an efficient 220 HP Volvo diesel
2.) You can sleep six comfortably
3.) It feels like you are in a modern luxury motor coach
4.) She can knock the tops off 6 foot seas

Here's a recent video of the boat running in our neck of the woods off of Bucksport...

Show Price as equipped:  $164,165

Hope to see you at the Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Show this weekend!