Monday, January 11, 2016

The Switch to Benningron

Last season, Hamlin's Marine made a very big change.  After twenty-two years with the same line of pontoon boats, we switched to Bennington.

It was a very difficult decision for us as some of the people we worked with at the old company were practically family;  the boat business is a very personal business.

But, things had grown difficult.  Over the course of several years, we found it increasingly difficult to satisfy our customers.  New models weren't being produced, quality was diminishing, and we had to hire a full time person just to submit the warranty claims.  

So when my wife Katie and I were surrounded by excited Bennington dealers at last year's Yamaha Outboards Awards Trip, we listened.  After a couple of plant tours in Elkhart, IN and some boat show reconnaissance, we were hooked!

What we'd been hearing over the past couple of years wasn't just hype.  Bennington is the real deal...a truly remarkable builder and designer of boats.!  Although pontoon boats are one of the most popular segments in the family recreation industry,  most agree that pontoons aren't traditional boats.

Through styling, design, and performance features, Bennington has changed the perception of what a pontoon boat can be.  Sitting in the cockpit of a Q or an R series Bennington with a windshield and an aluminum arch is not unlike sitting in the cockpit of the most advanced sport boats and cruisers on the market.  

The benefits of owning a Bennington are not limited to the luxury models.  The base family models are ripe with quality upholstery and features you'd only expect in competing lines luxury trim levels.

Hamlin's Marine is excited to introduce you to Bennington pontoons in 2016!


  1. Those are some classy pontoons! Looking forward to going for a ride...!