Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Still Boating in February

It's been such a mild winter in Maine!  
A couple of guys from Hamlin's were actually trolling for fish on Branch Pond  on New Year's Day.  On the first day of February,  the Kennebec River was still open clear up to Hallowell; that hasn't happened in over sixty years.

If you are a boating addict, we may be in for a very early spring.

Reid Garrity of Hamlin's and I haven't stopped boating.  Two weeks ago, we were in Wrightsville Beach, NC on a mission to test drive a 25' Hunt Surfhunt.  That boat will be arriving in Hampden on Friday or Saturday, so come down and check her out if are looking for a beautiful New England style coastal cruiser.

On Sunday, we attended the Seattle boat show to check out the Cutwater booth.

Today... Reid and I are in Everett,   Washington with fellow boaters, Penny and Steve. We are impatiently waiting to head to Jetty's Landing so we can test run the most eagerly awaited boat ever, the Cutwater 24 Outboard.

Yesterday we watched another 24 get launched and run performance trials up and down the river.  The 300 HP Yamaha put her instantly on plane; after running her up to the mid forties, Captain Ronnie from Cutwater pulled a 180 degree turn on a dime.  

It's Penny's birthday today, and we are hoping it will be her best one yet!  All of us will be boating on the Pacific for the first time.  We all are hoping to spot an Orca or two!  Reminds me of all those hopeful of seeing a moose in our neck of the woods.

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