Saturday, October 15, 2016

Yamaha Outboards Make Boating Great Again

Zoe and Ella Higgins Taking a Frigid Dip in Belfast Harbor with a Yamaha F300
Is it truly possible to fall in love with an inanimate object?  For those of you that have a Yamaha on your boat's transom, you know the answer.

Maine boaters love Yamaha outboards; Hamlin's Marine has sold more Yamaha outboards than any other dealer in the Northeast for the past seven years.  In this year alone, Hamlin's Marine has sold 315 Yamahas to Maine boaters!

Why are Yamaha outboards such a popular choice to power pontoon boats, deck boats, sport boats, and fishing boats?  I've heard so many reasons.  Here's what I hear from Yamaha customers:

"I swear my Yamaha doesn't burn gas!"
Yamahas definitely burn gas...just not nearly as much as older technology outboards and inboard/outboard engines.

"I can't hear my engine running!"
If you listen closely, you can hear the motors running.  I do think that the water discharge spout makes more noise than the actual motor.

"My Yamaha always starts on the coldest mornings."
We have some very enthusiastic duck hunters that actually enjoy being offshore on January mornings in Maine.  God Bless them!

"I used to have brand X outboard...what a piece of $%#&!  I beat the hell out of my Yamaha and I can't kill it!"
At Hamlin's we suggest that you properly maintain your outboard and that you don't abuse it, but's your Yamaha!

When searching for a boat for your family, it is definitely important to decide on the power to get you home safe and on time.  I think of all my great boating memories, and there always seems to be a Yamaha outboard in the background.  I can think of some unpleasant days as well...guess what, I wasn't running a Yamaha!

As we go into fall, here are some great Yamaha memories from 2016:

A Rare Day of Successful Fishing with Dan off of Fiji with Yamaha F250

More Typical Day of Fishing with Dan on Moosehead Lake with Yamaha F115

Katie and Dan Island Hopping with Twin 150s

Family Photoshoot of the Scout 151 in a Rockland quarry with a Yamaha T50

Josh Cottrell Catching Penobscot River Stripers with a Yamaha F300

Chris Duffy and  Mark Hansen in the Bowl Behind Mt. Kineo with a Yamaha F115

Zoe and Ella Higgins in a Cutwater 24 off of Stockton Harbor with a Yamaha 300

Katie Higgins Showing off our Custom Painted Yamaha 300 Cowling

This Man May Love Yamaha more than Most with Twin 300 Yamahas