Saturday, June 9, 2018

Bennington 28RSBX...Super Size Me!

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Yesterday I had an epic boating adventure that will not soon be forgotten.  The setting was perfect...bright sun and a slight breeze beckoned us to the marina just as we buttoned up our work for the day.  Our crew of twenty was a combination of battle-weary Hamlin's employees, friends, and a handful of excited little girls.  We left the docks around six and bombed down the river from Hampden to Bucksport.

The Bennington 28RSBX is a super boat by any measure.  A standard pontoon boat measures either 8' or 8.5" wide (beam).  This boat is 10' wide and features Bennington's exclusive ESP- 10' Wide Beam performance triple pontoon package.  What that means is that there are (3) 32" diameter oval pontoons running over 28' long underneath the deck.


Our boat was powered by Yamaha's only V8 model, an F350XCA.  The boys from Puffin Boat Co painted this particular motor Pearl White to match the fiberglass base of the swing back seat.  The boat looks hot!  

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As we rounded the bend in Winterport toward Bucksport, we could feel the temperature drop and felt the tell-tale turbulence of the turning ocean tide.  The Bennington's platform was super stable and dry and would put any Deep V boat to shame when it comes to overall comfort in the slop.  After a quick landfall in Bucksport to take advantage of the public restrooms, we turned back up river to our destination...the Bangor Waterfront to poach a concert on a beautiful night.  

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Imagine Dragons rocked the waterfront, while twenty friends made quick work of a floating dance floor!