Monday, October 28, 2019

The Big Dark

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Big Guy in a Little Boat
There are still a few hardy souls running the Penobscot River in October.  Last Saturday, we had a beautiful boating afternoon.  On a day's notice, we had a couple fly up from Maryland to seatrial and purchase a Jeanneau NC895.

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Jeanneau NC895 Being Inspected Prior To Seatrial

While Josh Cottrell spent the afternoon demonstrating the Jeanneau, I took a friend of mine for a boat ride on a little 14' Carolina Skiff we took in trade.  We cast off from the marina, made a stop at my cove a few miles down the river, and headed back up with a detour up Sucker Brook on a flood tide behind the showroom.

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On Sucker Brook at Flood Tide with Steve

There is something special about being on a big, tidal river on a crisp fall day in a tiny boat.  The feeling reminds me of being a kid running around the woods, getting lost in the tall trees.  The world seems like a very big place again...all the problems of the day seem insignificant.

During our cruise, we passed Cianbro's barge loaded with magnificent steel structures headed to a faraway port.

But the Big Dark is coming...the end of boating season in Maine.  For those of you that don't winter in Maine, you are missing out on the season that makes us a hardy people.  It's dark, icy, and sometimes gloomy.  Sure there are beautiful aspects of a Maine winter, but boating becomes a memory.

As we head into the Big Dark, remember that boating will be here again soon enough!  Everyone at Hamlin's Marine is already planning our adventures for next season.  Keep us in mind on those cold, lonely nights.  Don't ever stop thinking about boating!