Monday, March 16, 2020

This Docking Might Make Your Boat Look Bad

About a decade ago, I was in Ireland and saw Candock for the first time on the Emerald Coast.  It looked like a long, flexible snake across a tidal flat.  I could see that it would be the ultimate solution for the 15 foot monster tidal conditions at Hamlin's Marina.

Fast forward until last fall, and I was in Sherbrooke, Quebec at the Candock plant.

Tyler Learning Installation of Docking integrated with a Jetslide
I've probably been on more plant tours than 99% of the world population, so I am not easily impressed.  After I put on the safety glasses and earplugs, I was prepared to be bored out of my mind.  Not so with Candock.  The plant and the people running the plant reminded me a scene from "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".  The family that runs this plant goes all over the world to install custom on-water modular docks that look cool and add fun to the boating experience.  I've never met people so excited about docking, and it is contagious.  

Hamlin's Marina is now Maine's distributor of Candock Modular Floating Systems.  I never thought docking was that cool.  To me, it was always a necessary evil to get to your boat.  Docking was something I had to maintain when the Penobscot River ripped the fasteners out and snapped wooden boards during extreme tides, or when a discourteous yachtsman ignored the No Wake Zone. 

Check out this video demonstrating the flexibility and stability of Candock:

Hamlin's Marina is upgrading our marina with Candock this spring, and I know our slip customers will be as excited as I am.  We used the Candock for our display at the Augusta Boat Show, and people were amazed by the fact it can be customized for any waterfront.  The cool factor of the LED lights in the utility channel was lost on nobody. 


The best part about Candock is that is a more affordable solution to traditional aluminum and wooden docking systems available.   Contact us today for a quote on your custom docking solution:

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