Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Don't Be Scared To Buy A Boat in Belfast


Leopold with His Fans

 Hamlin's Marine is hosting our annual Don't Be Scared To Buy a Boat sales event in Belfast this Thursday, October 21st through Saturday, October 23rd at our new showroom.

Of course, this sale is going to be the best time ever to cash in on savings if you are in the market for a boat, marine accessories, docking, or even some sweet Helly Hansen boating gear.

This year, the Hamlin's Marine crew formed a Paranormal Research Team to investigate three historical hauntings. 

Sarah Ware's Demise

Of course, we brought the coolest boats on the market today to investigate.  

The most famous case was the mysterious murder of Sarah Ware.  We used an Alumacraft 165 Escape to explore haunted Silver Lake.

The goofiest ghoul was Leopold Hegyi of Fort Knox.   We needed a bigger boat for that quest, and we chose a Weldcraft 188 Rebel to attack his grounds.

Finally, we ventured further south to Sandy Point in Stockton Springs and a romantic picnic was spoiled by some nasty burnt up Zombies.  Luckily, we had a Scout 175 Sport Dorado on hand to smoke the dead dudes.

Special thanks go to Macklynn Nason of Hamlin's Marine for following us around and taking some amazing stills.  She is available for hire for events if you need a photographer!  Check out these slides.

We hope to see you in Belfast this week!