Monday, March 7, 2022

Inflation Busting Deals At Hamlin's Marine


It's a wild time to work in the boat business in Maine.  For the last two years, our dealership has been masked-up trying our best to serve boaters all over the state.  

We went from too many boats, outboards, & not hardly any at all in the middle of 2021.

Now that we are entering 2022, Hamlin's Marine is once again seeing high levels of inventory.  Bottom line is...we've got some serious deals right now until March 31st.  

If you aren't familiar with EzLoader Trailers, they are the best boat trailer money can buy.  They are double-dipped galvanized steel or aluminum I-Beam, with oil bath bearings, and torsion axle springs.  They are the only boat trailer that can truly withstand Maine's horrific spring roads.  Here are just a few examples of smoking trailer deals:

EzLoader 2350 #  Galvanized Roller (15'-18') only $2150 

EzLoader 4000# Alum I-Beam Tandem (17'-20') only $3995

See other trailer dealers here.

In 2021, small four-stroke outboard motors were Rarer than a Hen's Tooth.  Let me know if you've heard that saying before haha.

Anyway...the slingshot effect happened, and now we are chock full of outboard motors!  

Check out these savings on Honda and Yamaha overstock models:



BF2.3DHSCH       Was: $1140        Now: $895

BF2.3DHLCH       Was: $1166        Now: $919

BF5DHSHNA       Was: $2031        Now: $1595

BF5DHLHNA        Was: $2071        Now: $1649

BF8DKLHSA         Was: $3172        Now: $2595

BF8DK3LHA         Was: $2744        Now: $2295

BF10D3SH           Was: $3092        Now: $2595

BF10DK3LH         Was: $3118        Now: $2610

BF10DK3KHS      Was: $3349        Now: $2749




F2.5SMHB           Was: $1558        Now: $1295

F4SMHA              Was: $2139        Now: $1749

F6SMHA              Was: $2506        Now: $1995

F8SMHB              Was: $3178        Now: $2595

F9.9SMHB           Was: $3614        Now: $2949

F9.9LMHB           Was: $3642        Now: $2995

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