Thursday, March 17, 2022

Weldcraft is the New King of Maine Waters


280 Cuddy King in Seafrost Green

Many years ago, the undisputed champion of Maine waters was Lund Boats.  Back then, Hamlin's Marine sold Lund Boats rigged with reliable Yamaha and Honda outboards.  Like many other brands, Lund was purchased by a big corporation that favored Mercury outboards.  Game over for Hamlin's Marine and many of our loyal Lund customers.  

Hamlin's Marine helped to build a new champion in Maine.  Polar kraft boats grew from a little known brand into one of the best selling fishing boats in Maine.  Click Here for the complete story on the switch from Lund to Polarkraft way back in 2011.

Then cracks started to show at Polarkraft with several ownership changes.  All good things must come to an end, and another King was destined to fall.  

So, five years ago I went in search of the ultimate answer.   I drove way, way out west until I hit Clarkston, Washington.  I passed through a foreign world of ghost towns, dust, and smoke.

Ridin' Dirty
Snake River Blanketed in Smoke

Lonely Place

When I finally arrived at the Weldcraft factory, I learned what the term Stackin' Dimes meant.

Welding Perfected Like Stacked Dimes

The Weldcraft plant does things with a level of precision I've never seen at a boat plant:

Five years later, Hamlin's Marine brought the first West Coast style heavy-gauge aluminum boats to the New England Boat Show.  Check out some of the Weldcraft models we have available for sale right now at Hamlin's Marine.

18 Angler Sport

210 Revolution

Maverick 220

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