Sunday, May 1, 2022

June Opening for Hamlin's Marine on Sebasticook Lake in Newport


Last fall, Hamlin's Marine purchased an aging factory that has long produced most of the world's drumsticks.  Vic Firth is famous for making over 40,000 wooden drumsticks every day that end up in the hands or rock stars, school bands, and enthusiastic drummers all over the world.  The business is so successful that Vic Firth recently upgraded to a modern facility and moved into the Newport industrial park.  

Here is more on that story:

Included in the purchase was nearly 70,000 square feet of indoor space, 400 feet of waterfront shoreline adjacent to the municipal boat ramp, and an enormous amount to tidy up.  Check out some of these Before pictures:

Future Seasonal Sales Office

Cover Art for the Movie Saw III

Future Boat Display Area

The project is pretty enormous, so I am very thankful that my father-in-law & Newport resident, David Hamlin, and his grandson, Chris Duffy, have been enthusiastic to help get Hamlin's going in Newport.  

Chris Duffy & Dan Higgins (Me)

Here is what Chris is planning in Newport from a recent email (some redactions):

Hello Beautiful People!!!

Dan, David & Chris Hamlin, and I spent the morning in Newport putting together a plan to take advantage of a great situation for us there. We are excited to officially announce that we are going to get underway to open a seasonal sales office that can double as a great winter showroom to take advantage of a market that is ripe for the taking.  Along with sales, we will be advertising             storage for all toys, not just boats.

With our company resources, the on-water facility, and the team we have in place Hamlin’s Marine(a) is going to establish yet another giant footprint in the Maine boating market. WHEN this is a major success, the opportunities will be endless for us. A marina, outdoor concert series, live entertainment, food trucks, boat demos, boat shows, boat rentals, fishing events, to list a few. This is a big deal for the entire company and will be a great opportunity for the sales team to be able to show boats on the water to give the true experience.

We have established an opening date of goal of              and have a lot of work to do to achieve the goal.                                                                                                                                                                          but it is going to open a whole new world for the business. We have long wanted to be able to access the Moosehead market and now we will.

 The tentative schedule when we do open is I will be there Thurs-Friday 8-5 and Saturday 8-12, and by appointment only on the other days of the week. If it takes off like we know it will we will revisit.

Get excited because we are about to accomplish some really cool stuff.




Chris Duffy

Sales Department

You will see our Hamlin's Marine team on the waterfront in Newport throughout the month of May.  We will be patching, landscaping, grading, painting, and hopefully sweating due to warmer weather. 

Hamlin's Marine will soon be displaying new boat packages on land and in water.  Hewitt boat lifts and Candock floating modular docking will soon be on site as well.  

Candock Custom Docking

Weldcraft 210 Revolution


  1. Once you are done with this project, you should purchase "the pad"...the lot across the road from you and put cabins or a small motel/ hotel so folks can get out of their boats and walk to their room..

  2. Really happy to see this happening in Newport! Looking forward to all do. Would love to see some really nice waterfront dining involved 😀