Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Edendriver Returns for 2023


It's been 1 1/2 years since we built the last Edendriver at Puffin Boat Company.  The history of Edendriver reads like a novel rife with obsession, commitment, love, and pain.  The designer and original builder was Seph Limehouse.  His wife Leigh, shares the following about Seph and his legacy...

"Edendriver was designed by Seph Limehouse, a chief designer at Scout Boats in South Carolina, at his home in Johns Island. His passion was working with his hands. In addition to the Edendriver, Seph built a kayak, a flats boat, a sailboat, several tables, stools, our bed and our home. He spent a lot of time in our barn creating. I know he felt peace when he was working out there. Even with a chemo drip on his side, he would be in the barn — if not physically able to work, he would just sit or work on drawings.  He was an amazing man who cancer took from me way too early.  Thankfully he left me with his greatest creation ... our daughter Ellen." -- Leigh Limehouse

Hull #14 built in Maine is rolling off the line this week.  One of the most striking things about Edendriver is the tumblehome hull.  Tumblehome describes a hull that grows more narrow above the waterline which enhances lateral stability on the water.  The molds for the build are complex and must be split to free the hull during the build.  The video shows the process:

Puffin Boat Company is building five new Edendriver boats for model year 2023.  Each of these boats will be well equipped with Yamaha F70 outboard, hull color, console color, stainless side rails, Yeti 35 cooler seat, advanced electronics and audio, hydraulic steering, and designer Sunbrella cushion sets.  Here is a spy photo of the new helm and designer cushions of the first 2023 Edendriver rolling off the line... 

Sunbrella Cushion Set and Advanced Helm

Our crews will be running the Edendriver on the Penobscot River later this week, and she is available for immediate delivery.  The first one rolling off the line is available for $46,489 plus tax.  Trailer, delivery, and additional options will be extra.  This Edendriver highlight video will inspire you!

Once the Edendriver is fully tested, it will be on display in Belfast at our Don't Be Scared to Buy a Boat sales event running through Halloween.  


  1. What length and beam

  2. Refreshing look..Cool Video..gimme more!

  3. We have a Flag Blue Edendriver complete and ready for immediate delivery. We sprayed a Ghost Gray hull this morning, and that will be available for delivery in early December. Custom order today would be early February. Where are you looking to have it delivered? If you have more questions, please email Dan Higgins

  4. Great looking boat! Love the background music for your YouTube vid “ “you feel like summer days to me” who is the artist?