Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Last Remaining 2022 Bennington Pontoon Packages Must Go By Friday, March 31st


Last season Hamlin's Marine waited forever for the lost load of 2022 model Bennington pontoon boats.  Simply put, the supply chain crisis was especially hard on our Bennington line.

Why?  Because nothing on a Bennington is average.  Every single component of a Bennington is upgraded including the lighting packages, the audio packages, & the exclusive Simtex upholstery that is soft & cool to the touch.

2022 was the year to order an average boat, because they were easier to assemble.  

These six Bennington models arrived too late for season, so Hamlin's was offered a special program to move them out at heavy discounts.

 Do not miss out on these six deals:

2022 Bennington 22LSB Powered By a Yamaha VF115 SHO

Was $83,771     Less $20,708    Now $63,063

2022 Bennington 24LSB Powered By a Yamaha F150

Was $82,837    Less $20,532    Now $62,305

2022 Bennington 20SSR Triple Powered By a Yamaha F115

Was $64,119    Less $17,024     Now $47,095

2022 Bennington 21 LL Powered By a Yamaha VF90

Was $64,200    Less $17,039    Now $47,161

2022 Bennington 20SSBX Triple Powered by a Yamaha F115

Was $84,612    Less $20,866    Now $63,746

2022 Bennington 25LTFB Bowrider Powered by a Yamaha 250SHO

Was $119,065    Less $27,324    Now $91,741

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