Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cole Rousey...Fisherman, Hip Hop Artist, and Champion Boat Rigger

Cole Rousey has been a valuable member of the Hamlin's Marina service team for several years. 

Cole on the dock...between rigging jobs

His role at Hamlin's is to rig all of the new and used boats sales sold at the marina.  Seems simple right? 

Well, Cole's work order may simply say...Rig Polar Kraft 180 Sport for Mr. and Mrs. Smith. 

Polar kraft 180 Sport and Proud Owners

What that really means is:

1.) Work with the sales department at the showroom to load the Polar kraft off dollies and onto a trailer. 
The Hamlin's Showroom...Magical Land of New Boats

2.) Check the boat and trailer for proper fit and balance.  If the trailer needs to be adjusted...roll the boat off the trailer back onto the dollies.  Adjust trailer, and repeat step #1.

3.) Transport the Polar kraft to the rigging bay at the marina.  Un-crate a Yamaha F115, remove the cowling, and carefully hoist the outboard onto the transom with an engine hoist.

4.) Check the boat, outboard, and trailer to ensure everything is working properly.  That means everything...lights, switches, cables, steering, plumbing, etc.  Troubleshoot any problems and resolve.

Now the fun part...Mr. & Mrs. Smith love to listen to Carribean music while trolling deep for Togue.  The Smiths like to play their music very loud because the fish can't hear steel drums from 90 feet below! The factory stereo from Polar kraft just didn't have the thump the Smith's wanted, so they purchase a Fusion stereo system with Amp, Subwoofer, and 7" Speakers.  Not only that, but the Smiths had to have the new 1198c Humminbird Fishing System, Electric Cannon Downriggers, and a Fortrex Trolling Motor.  Of course...most of their fishing is done at night, so they request several 2 million candlepower remote spotlights. 

An ordinary marine technician would become overcome with nausea and probably head home early.  Not Cole, though! 


Well, because Cole is a Renaissance Man of sorts and certainly appreciates the need for thumping tunes and the desire for fish assasination equipment.  Cole is both a tournament bass fisherman and an Award-Winning Beat Box Champion.
Another one of Cole's passions...the Human BeatBox we are on to the next step...

5.)  Cram three deep cycle batteries and two marine starting batteries into the compartments along with breakers and battery switches.  Build custom mounts on the dash to support the massive screens and audio equipment.  Fabricate an arch in the machine shop to support 4 high powered spotlights.

6.) Install all the equipment and test!  The earth shakes in the rigging bay as Cole maxes out the bass beats of the steel drums.

7.)  Grab the shop vacuum, scrub brush, and glass cleaner to give the new Polar kraft a shine the new owners will love.

8.)  Meet the new owners and provide them with instructions on proper use and care of their new baby. 

9.)  Launch the boat in the Penobscot River and go for a ride!

Just nine steps really!  Cole's job is pretty much a piece of cake.  What's amazing is that Cole does this several times a day...every day!!!

Check out these recent photos of his deliveries: