Monday, October 24, 2022

Honda Re-Power Specials


Honda outboards are exceptionally quiet and reliable.  All Honda marine motors are backed by an industry-leading 5 year warranty.  

Today, many boaters are considering a re-power of their pontoon or favorite fishing boat rather than replacing the entire package.  

Hamlin's Marine has a few discounted re-power packages on Honda outboards available with aggressive financing rates as low as 4.99% APR.  

Here are the best offers of the fall.  The special pricing is installed pricing with standard new rigging and propeller:

Honda BF200DXDA with Intelligent Shift & Throttle (Digital)

Was: $28,355    Discount: $8360    Special: $19,995 + tax

* Honda financing available with approved credit

Honda BF150DXRA Re-Power

Was: $23,526    Discount: -$5531    Special: $17,995 + tax

* Honda financing available with approved credit

Honda BF90D5LRTA Re-Power

Was: $16,886    Discount: -$3615    Special: $13,271 + tax

* Honda financing available with approved credit

Honda BF75D4LRTA Re-Power

Was: $17,092    Discount: -$4615    Special: $12,477 + tax

* Honda financing available with approved credit

Contact us today through to secure your Honda deal today!

Friday, October 21, 2022

Hamlin's Marine & Jeanneau Boats @ Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) Next Week


Hamlin's Marine & Jeanneau Power Boats will be represented at  FLIBS next week from Wednesday the 26th through Sunday the 30th.

Hamlin's became a dealer for Jeanneau in the Fall of 2019, and since then Jeanneau has become the standard for coastal cruising and adventure on the Maine coast.  

Jeanneau has several series of boats to suit the modern Maine boater including the NC Weekender, NC Sport, and Leader.  Check out Jeremy Everett's walkthrough of the NC695 Sport...

Ft. Lauderdale will be the debut of the new DB43 model, which is sure to shake up the boating world.  DB Yachts will offer the next level of yachting for a Jeanneau owner.  Hamlin's Marine has been allocated one of only a handful of DB43s for 2023.  This vessel will set a new standard of luxury cruising for the Maine coast.  Check out these specifications:

DB Yachts will compete with the best of the best in North America.  High performance, comfort, and styling are unmatched.

Please let us know if you will be swinging by the Jeanneau booth in Ft. Lauderdale next week.  Email Jeremy @  We'd love to see you!


Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Edendriver Returns for 2023


It's been 1 1/2 years since we built the last Edendriver at Puffin Boat Company.  The history of Edendriver reads like a novel rife with obsession, commitment, love, and pain.  The designer and original builder was Seph Limehouse.  His wife Leigh, shares the following about Seph and his legacy...

"Edendriver was designed by Seph Limehouse, a chief designer at Scout Boats in South Carolina, at his home in Johns Island. His passion was working with his hands. In addition to the Edendriver, Seph built a kayak, a flats boat, a sailboat, several tables, stools, our bed and our home. He spent a lot of time in our barn creating. I know he felt peace when he was working out there. Even with a chemo drip on his side, he would be in the barn — if not physically able to work, he would just sit or work on drawings.  He was an amazing man who cancer took from me way too early.  Thankfully he left me with his greatest creation ... our daughter Ellen." -- Leigh Limehouse

Hull #14 built in Maine is rolling off the line this week.  One of the most striking things about Edendriver is the tumblehome hull.  Tumblehome describes a hull that grows more narrow above the waterline which enhances lateral stability on the water.  The molds for the build are complex and must be split to free the hull during the build.  The video shows the process:

Puffin Boat Company is building five new Edendriver boats for model year 2023.  Each of these boats will be well equipped with Yamaha F70 outboard, hull color, console color, stainless side rails, Yeti 35 cooler seat, advanced electronics and audio, hydraulic steering, and designer Sunbrella cushion sets.  Here is a spy photo of the new helm and designer cushions of the first 2023 Edendriver rolling off the line... 

Sunbrella Cushion Set and Advanced Helm

Our crews will be running the Edendriver on the Penobscot River later this week, and she is available for immediate delivery.  The first one rolling off the line is available for $46,489 plus tax.  Trailer, delivery, and additional options will be extra.  This Edendriver highlight video will inspire you!

Once the Edendriver is fully tested, it will be on display in Belfast at our Don't Be Scared to Buy a Boat sales event running through Halloween.  

Monday, October 17, 2022

Weldcraft 280 Cuddy King & a 9 Foot Monster Shark


Fish On!

In late September, the Hamlin's Marine team went looking for trouble.  

Many seasons of watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel has made me understand that things can go wrong when trying to lure a predator.  Just ask Poopies, of Jackass fame, how it feels to mess around with a shark.   Poopies probably has a greater respect for  marine life now...

Truth be told, I love going shark fishing off the coast of Maine.  The anticipation of the trip is really intense.  The adrenaline spikes, and I can't sleep before the big day.  I mean, never know what might be lurking offshore.  Everyone has heard the rumors of Great Whites in our waters.  

On top of that, the late September weather was pretty snotty with lots of tropical activity stirring up the waters.  The trouble is that the marine weather reports vary widely across the Gulf of Maine, and running a smaller boat offshore can become a harrowing experience.  

One thing going for us was that our group was running a new Weldcraft 280 Cuddy King, which is about as industrial as a recreational fishing boat can aspire to be.  

Weldcraft 280 Cuddy King Dockside


Comfortable Cabin 

Massive Cockpit

The ride out to the grounds was a trip.  Six foot rollers and winds gusting to 20 knots had our crew floating around the cabin and rear deck!   Our party departed from Belfast Harbor around 7:30 a.m. and reached the fishing grounds Southeast of Matinicus Rock around 9:15.  A few hours later, and the boat was surrounded by the largest Mako and Blue Sharks I've ever seen.  Jeremy Everett attempted to switch out some bait when one of the monsters hit!  ZZZiiiinnngggg!

The beast pulled 250 yards of line before it gave us a chance to fight...and fight we did!  Six of us passed the Penn reel around for over two hours and had to back down on the fish with 500 HP.  

Check out our battle with a 9 foot Blue Shark...

In the final throes of battle, the shark felt like dead weight.  We had given it too much slack and it managed to spit the hook.  By some crazy twist of fate, the hook lodged in its tail. 

Upside Down and Inverted with Hook in Tail

 It really gives you a sense of how rugged shark skin is when you are cranking on a fish that weighs hundreds of pounds, and the hook doesn't rip out.  Incredible!

If you want to come talk to the crew and check out the Weldcraft 280 Cuddy King, come to Belfast over the next couple weeks and see us at our Don't Be Scared To Buy a Boat Sale.

Sunday, October 16, 2022

Orange (25%), Purple (20%), & Black (15%) Discounts Through Halloween


Hamlin's Marine Don't Be Scared To Buy a Boat Sales Event is running Tuesday October 18th through Halloween at our Belfast location on the waterfront.  Dozens of discounted boat packages are available.

The best deals of the event will go fast, as these models are holdover units that pre-date several manufacturer price increases.   Add another 25% off of MSRP, and these deals will make your hair stand on end!

One example of a particularly scary deal is a new 2021 Sea Chaser 20 HFC, Yamaha 150 V Max, and Tandem Ez Loader Trailer.  Was $74,876 and now only $54,076.

Purple Level discounts are 20% off of MSRP.  These units are also holdover 2022 models that pre-date multiple manufacturer price increases over the last year.

We have some incredibly popular models discounted by 20% for Don't Be Scared.  Check out the new 2022 Alumacraft Classic 165 Sport, Honda 75, and Ezloader 2350 Roller Trailer package.  This girl was $38,798 and now only $29,688.

At Hamlin's Marine we are doing the Monster Mash, and we are partying like it's 2019!!!

Hope to see you in Belfast soon.

Saturday, October 15, 2022

A Terrifying Time of Year at Hamlin's Marine


My wife, Katie, and I just got returned home from Yamaha Best in Class.   This program recognizes the top Yamaha outboard dealers in the country, and we have been fortunate to win the trip every year since 2009.  This year the trip was in Hawaii, and I learned to Hula.  It was truly a terrifying experience for anyone that had to watch.

Most of the other dealers we met hail from warm climates, but a few of the dealers from colder states like Michigan, Minnesota, and Alaska understand how scary our short season is for boaters.  First there is the long winter away from the water, then the manic spring rush, followed by summer bliss, and finally fall sadness when we put the boats away to hibernate.  

Any real boater knows there are only two important days in a boater's life.  Today, we will address the first one...the day you purchase a boat. 

When should you purchase a boat in Maine?  Anytime is fine, but the very best time is the last two weeks of October during the Don't Be Scared to Buy a Boat sales event at our Belfast showroom.

Hamlin's Marine has a huge display of boats, loose outboards, and boat trailers on display in Belfast until Halloween.   Packages are discounted up to 25% off MSRP.  

Friday Night Move In

Check out some action videos of some of the boat packages that will be available:

Weldcraft welded aluminum fishing boats...

Scout luxury fiberglass fishing boats...

Alumacraft Deep V fishing boats...

Come to Belfast and let us scare you into buying a new boat!

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Come See Us in Belfast October 18 - 31 !!!

Please mark your calenders and plan to stop by 7 Front Street in Belfast and see our fall specials ! We will be there featuring great packages and brands at solid discounts including Jeanneau, Weldcraft, Carolina Skiff, Sea Chaser, plus many other! 

 Fall is a great time to lock in a new boat and avoid all the stress next spring! 
Avoid the hassle and let us tuck it away and deliver it to you next year!

Look forward to seeing you at Hamlins Marine Belfast !!