Friday, March 21, 2014

All New Bangor Boat Show This Weekend at the Cross Insurance Center

At 2 P.M. today, the all new Bangor Boat Show opens at the Cross Insurance Center!  If you are a boater, or just interested in boating, you cannot miss this show.

Over a dozen local businesses will be displaying every shape and size of boat.  The best deals of the year on pontoon boats, ski boats, sail boats, and fishing boats are here for the picking.

Tickets are only $7; kids under 12 are free!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Rob Labelle: Hamlin's Own Billy Mays

Billy Mays
Recently, the world lost a great telemarketer in our beloved Billy Mays.  You may remember him as the highly-energetic spokesperson who promoted great household products like OxiClean, ShamWow, and Kaboom.

Unfortunately for Billy and all of us, not all of his energy could be attributed to a healthy diet and an exercise regimen.  Sadly, Billy died of complications related to a chemical substance that doesn't clean your bathroom, laundry, or floors.

I believe that Billy lives on (the good part anyway!) in our newest sales team member, Rob Labelle.

Rob Labelle

Rob has recently taken over the Hamlin's Youtube Channel as a boat video tour personality.  Check out Rob as he walks you through some of the newest and sexiest pontoon boat packages on the market today:

Send us your comments and feedback.  Is Rob Labelle really the next Billy Mays?